Already Flying RC Aircraft?

Flying with other pilots is absolutely the best way to improve your RC skills and knowledge. You get help, encouragement, and inspiration. With more than 50 members flying everything from jets to foamies and powerful 3D helicopters to micro drones, you’ll be able to connect with other pilots who share your love of the hobby. Come out to the field and join us.

Want help learning to fly RC Aircraft?

Most people who attempt to fly on their own for the first time usually crash and give up on what could have been an enjoyable life long hobby. We are part of the AMA’s intro pilot program which means we have dedicated club members who will help you learn to fly under the supervision of an instructor.

New Member Sign Up Process

New Member / Renewing Member Application

  1. Must have current AMA Membership.
  2. Print out and fill in the Membership Application Form.
  3. Mail (or hand deliver) the form and your payment to the club Treasurer whose address is at the bottom of the form.
  4. Membership renewal forms and payments are due prior to August 1 each year.

Academy of Model Aeronautics

Most flying clubs like CVRC are chartered by the AMA. The AMA is a national organization dedicated to promoting the radio controlled aircraft hobby. Being chartered provides flying clubs many benefits. So does being an AMA member. Have a look on the AMA web site.

All members of CVRC must be AMA members. 

Got Questions?

We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email and we’ll answer you right away. 

Membership Categories

Category Fees Notes
New Member $150.00 Dues + $100.00 Initiation Fee Dues amount prorated ($12.50/mo) after August 1.
Renewing Member $150.00 Dues Dues payment must be received before August 1 each year to avoid $20 late fee.