About Us

Central Virginia Radio Control is a radio control model airplane club. The club was formed in the Spring of 2004 and officially opened for flying that Summer. Our AMA charter # is 4542. We currently have around fifty-one members. The main goals of our club are to have fun and promote the hobby/sport of model aviation in a safe manner. Our members fly all types of aircraft including gasoline,glow and electric powered aircraft, fixed wing, helicopters, multiroters and FPV.

Our membership is open to anyone who would like to learn how to fly RC aircraft or already knows how. We are part of the AMA's intro pilot program which means we have dedicated members of our club who will help you learn how to fly and you can fly under the supervision of the instructor without joining the AMA for a period of sixty days from your first flight. It is highly recommended that you join a club and let an experienced pilot help you learn so you can take your model home in one piece. Most people who attempt to fly on their own for the first time usually crash and give up on what could have been an enjoyable life long hobby. In order to be a member, you will have to join the AMA. If you have any questions, please contact one of our board members listed to the right.